'Bubble Man' Mesmerizes Kids at Farmer's Market (Video)

An entertainment staple at farmer's markets in South Pasadena and Monrovia, Peter McComie has been a "bubbler'' for 30 years.

Sure, it's all just smoke and bubbles, but that's plenty to keep the kids entertained. 

On a recent crisp evening in South Pasadena, Peter McComie wowed a gaggle of kids, all screaming and jumping and trying to pop his latest glowing, floating creation. McComie, a self-described "bubbler'' for 30 years, grew up in South Pas and graduated from South Pasadena High School. 

"The visiting team knew they were going to win as soon as they heard our band,'' McComie joked, noting the current Tigers' band has come a long way melodically. 

Pulling any number of bubble making doohickies from his belt, McComie awes kids with twirling bubbles of all shapes at the South Pasadena and Monrovia farmer's markets. He's a standing feature at the weekly events, he said. 

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SPnative December 13, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Pete,you create magic and have a great heart. You share joy and wisdom. So glad that others have noticed!


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