City Walk: Down Arroyo Vista Way

This 1.7 mile walk showcases the quaint neighborhood near Arroyo Vista Elementary School. Naturally, we will stop for a little sweet thing over on Mission before heading back.

Full disclosure: I've spent almost fifteen years living in South Pasadena and I never knew where Arroyo Vista Elementary School was until I took this walk.

In a town that is 3.464 square miles, that's just wrong. At the very least, a person should know the basic markers of a place: Schools. Parks. Fire Station.

That stretch of street where some annoying guy never cleans up after his dog. (That would be the south side of Huntington between Primrose and La France.  Yeah. I'm talking to you annoying guy! Be a human. Clean up. And for goodness sake let your poor pooch do its business on the grass and not the sidewalk. That's just cruel.)

But enough about Annoying Guy. It's time to walk.

Get yourself over to Hawthorne St. and Pasadena Ave. Head east on Hawthorne. On your right you will see a big wall. This wall will prevent you from wantonly running onto the train tracks, which you really shouldn't be doing anyway. On your left, you will see a lovely collection of homes, some of which include garden gnomes. Be forewarned.

Turn left on Cawston St. You will quickly notice the back side of  Interesting Historical Fact: It used to called Lincoln Park School, but when El Centro Elementary closed and the student bodies merged, they chose a new name. But what I want to know is this: Was there a Lincoln Park? Or just a Lincoln Park School. Thoughts?

Turn right onto El Centro St. Wow!Check out the old Victorians. Beautiful.  And their houses are nice too. They have such wonderful windows, and some of them come complete with adorably posed cats and dogs.  

When you reach Adelaine Ave. turn right. Pass all those people trolling for parking near . Just to be smug, stop at Trader Joe's and buy something—maybe Vegan Trail Mix Cookies (better than you think)—and then walk out again and smile at the two cars that barely missed ramming into each other.  

Continue onto Mission and turn right. This is an interesting little stretch of street with historic buildings and some fun art—but you'd never know it from your car, which is why you must walk.

At Meridian, you will have to make an important choice: What sweet little treat should you get yourself? I vote for the faux Hostess Cupcakes at , but wander, explore. I trust you to get something good. 

Got your sugar fix? Then get back to Mission and Meridian and head south on Meridian. After one quick block turn right and head west on El Centro. Pass Orange Grove Park. Enjoy the frolicking dogs on the southern edge (unless you are one of the anti-de facto dog park people, in which case, frown accordingly). Turn left on Orange Grove Ave.

Next comes the most fun part of all: turn right on Throop Alley. That's right, we get to promenade down a real alley. It's the perfect mixture of voyeurism and pedestrian pleasure. Nothing much will happen, but you'll feel a little anti-establishment thrill. At the intersection, turn left on Adelaine

Then it's right on Hawthorne. Watch out for gnomes, and walk until you are back where you started.

You did it! Good for you!

Now, while no one is watching, start in on the cookies. 

Walking Directions:

  • Start at the intersection of Pasadena Ave. and Hawthorne St.  Head east on Hawthorne.
  • Turn left on Cawston St.
  • Turn right on El Centro St.
  • Turn left on Adelaine Ave.
  • Turn right on Mission. 
  • Turn right on Meridian Ave.
  • Turn right on El Centro St.
  • Turn left on Orange Grove Ave.
  • Turn right on Throop Alley.
  • Turn left on Adelaine Ave.
  • Turn right on Hawthorne. Continue until you are back where you started.

WATCH the video above for a virtual tour. And see the map to WALK the hike yourself. 

South Pas Dude March 16, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Fun walk. Cute part of town, and close to everything. By the way, I understand there was a Lincoln Park.
Margaret Finnegan March 16, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Really? Does anyone else know anything about Lincoln Park?
tim miguel March 16, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Why not ask the Gabrieleno Band Of Mission Indians "Kizh tribe"
Pasadena Adjacent March 19, 2012 at 06:25 PM
One of my favorite walk-a-bouts. Glad you got a photo of the pink house near TJs.


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