Got Bricks? Preservation Foundation Needs Them

The Preservation Foundation is looking to upgrade the Meridian Iron Works Museum. Can you help?

Directors of the South Pasadena Preservation Foundation have voted to upgrade the dirt parkway in front of the Meridian Iron Works, which serves as the location of the South Pasadena Historical Museum and the site of outdoor movies during the summer. 

The parkway will be upgraded with used 'Simons' bricks or used common red bricks in order to reduce dust and dirt from blowing into the museum and better unify the look of the area with brickwork similar to the adjacent Gold Line Station and recently built condos at 909 El Centro.

According to former mayor and Foundation board member Odom Stamps, the area to be bricked over is approximately 27' x 7' 7”, or slightly over 200 square feet. Stamps estimates the Preservation Foundation needs 800 used bricks, of which approximately 200 have already been donated by former City Treasurer Victor Robinette and Gretchen Robinette. 

Now the search is on for an additional 600 used red bricks, preferably those marked “Simons” to maintain historical accuracy.  

“Used bricks available at construction yards average slightly over $3.00 each,” says Stamps.  If residents have used 'Simons' bricks or used red bricks from any renovation projects and are willing to donate them to the Preservation Foundation, it will help reduce the cost of the beautification project.”

According to Foundation members Tiona Wierman and Glen Duncan, this is a much-needed project to help protect the museum and enhance the area for both residents and patrons of the weekly Farmer's Market.

During the Eclectic Music Festival in May, over 1,000 visitors toured the museum, which was next to one of the performance stages. Each Thursday, over 100 visit the museum while the Farmer's Market is open.  The museum is also open Saturdays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Admission is always free.

Please contact the Preservation Foundation at (626) 799-9089 to donate used bricks, to make a contribution, or to learn more about the Foundation.


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