Meridian Iron Works: It's Open Thursday, Tomorrow, Almost Sure About That

A day early
A day early
Are there certain places you've always wanted to visit, but somehow you're always a day late. Or early?

Meridian Iron Works, aka, the South Pasadena Historical Museum,  913 Meridian, will be open Thursday, according to the voice mail, from 2 p.m - 8 p.m. It's just a hop up the street from the So Pas Farmers' Market.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit this museum and report back.  

To whet the appetite, here's what the South Pasadena City website has to say:

South Pasadena claims to have the oldest and most historic sites in the San Gabriel Valley. The Meridian Iron Works building is one of the town’s first structures, and it’s a charmer. It was built in 1887, about a year before South Pasadena became the 6th incorporated Los Angeles County municipality. First it was a grocery store and hotel, then later it was modified into a blacksmith and iron works shop. Today it serves as the South Pasadena Historical Museum. Operated by the South Pasadena Preservation Society, the museum displays a permanent collection of artifacts from the earliest history of South Pas and the entire San Gabriel Valley. 


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