Police Bust Alleged Parcel Thieves, Find Lots of Meth

Residents had reported that thieves swiped packages from their properties, so police upped the patrols in the affected neighborhoods.

A man and woman whom police say trolled the Monterey Hills neighborhood looking for unattended packages were arrested Tuesday, and busted with a bunch of methamphetamine, authorities said. 

Sgt. Brian Solinsky said residents reported parcel thefts on Monday and Tuesday in the 1900 block of Edgewood Drive and the 100 block of Monterey Road. At least one witnesse told authorities she saw an unidentified man in his 30s with a shaved head walk on to a resident's property and steal two packages, then dash into a car where a female waited for him behind the wheel. During another theft, the man with the shaved head snagged a box, then drove away.

Officers on Tuesday spotted a brown SUV in the area of Hanscom Drive and St. Albans Avenue. The driver and passenger matched the suspects' descriptions, Solinsky said. Police stopped the vehicle in the 100 block of Monterey Road where they found two UPS boxes, later determined to be the stolen parcels. Additionally, police found "a large quality of methampheatmine,'' Solinsky said.

The three people in the vehicle, two who matched the witness' description, all had police records. All three were arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and possession of methamphetamine with the intent to sell. 

Arrested were Jovana Rodriguez, 30, of El Monte, Richard Sanchez, 27, of Los Angeles and Manuel Herron, 35, of Los Angeles. Rodriguez has a "significant record of narcotics possession and sales, and Herron has a burglary background and a warrant for his arrest for violating probation,'' Solinsky said.

A South Pasadena resident said that she saw one of the thefts occur on Monday.

"He walked up and took the package from Amazon.com off the second story apt when the residents weren't home. He took the package and covered it up in an oversized grey sweatshirt while the female driver looked on anxiously. I called police immediately,'' the resident said. 

Police booked the three suspects and transferred them to the jail at the Pasadena Police Departmen. They are expected to be arraigned Thursday. 


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JT Hampton March 27, 2013 at 06:48 PM
I've called LAPD before to report a crime and the guy on the phone was like, yeah, we don't come to you for something like that. You come to us. It makes sense, I mean think about the crimes they have to deal with compared to other agencies who patrol cities with a far lower crime rate. Still no reason to be rude, tho
henk friezer March 27, 2013 at 11:03 PM
Donna - as a longtime photo-journalist I've had to deal with LAPD officers at breaking news locations and in general. I have found the majority (not all) to be arrogant and on a power kick. Even threatening to arrest me when I commented that they were using undo force on a subdued culprit who no longer resisted, while covering the end of an arrest. I was a legitimate newsman with press credentials showing. I have found the demeanor here in South Pas much more co-operative and laid back. They are like the local small town sheriff, not afraid to interact with those they serve. In LA people have told me that they feel intimidated by the police, even when they are the victims or just observers, not so in So Pas.
Donna Evans March 28, 2013 at 07:24 AM
I'm watching season 2 of "The Shield'' right now, as I never saw the series back when it was televised. Some 10 years ago. Anyway, in an episode I just saw, two LAPD patrol officers responded to the house where a family reported a bicycle was stolen. LOL. I was told @JT that, in fact, they do not make house calls. Er, crime calls? Point is, I had to go to them.
drmike5000 March 28, 2013 at 07:54 PM
Thank you SPPD!!!
henk friezer March 29, 2013 at 10:40 PM
As`far as I know LAPD will not come out for certain crimes that can be reported over the phone or at a police station. But others they will send a unit out (albeit very slow response) crimes such as home burglary, vandalism and the like where they need to assess the crime scene. Makes sense since each report ties up a patrol unit which could be better utilized in crime prevention. Over the years there are many who have abused the calling of police for the slightest things, usually wasting a cops time. By forcing these callers to go to a station saves time for legitimate emergencies by field officers.


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