South Pas Could See Bike Parking Soon

The city applied for BTA grant money to fund three types of bike parking throughout town and a green sharrow on Mission Street.

City Council adopted a resolution Wednesday to apply for $465,000-worth of Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) grant money, which would fund bicycle parking around town and a green sharrow on Mission Street.

“We intend to place bike racks along both Mission and Fair Oaks in the commercial areas to support bicycling to our business, government centers and activity nodes along Mission and Fair Oaks,” the city's transportation manager Dennis Woods told Patch.

Overall, the plan is to implement three types of bike parking: bike racks, corrals and lockers. 

“The bicycle corrals are anticipated to be near activity nodes such as the Gold Line Station/, and ,“ explained Woods. "The idea ... will be to park bikes under protected shelter, which can be expanded..."

If both the bicycle parking and Mission Street green sharrow projects are funded—$205,000 and $260,000 respectively—the city would be expected to match 10 percent or $46,500.  

Aesthetic Concerns

It was suggested at Wednesday’s meeting that Mayor Michael Cacciotti and Councilmember Richard Schneider be part of a sub-committee to oversee the implementation of the bike parking.

"I don’t want to get complaints,” said Cacciotti of the potential project.

“This needs to be done the right way,” echoed Councilmember Bob Joe. “There are two different benches on Mission, and it looks awful.”

Woods said that several business owners have requested bike racks, and when/if they are installed, proper thought would be put towards design and placement.

“[The bike rack(s)] will be kept from bus stops or current outdoor dining or any other obstacle that would create a hindrance," said Woods, adding that all designs will be ADA complaint.

The Timeline 

The Bicycle Transportation Account is an annual program providing state funds for city and county projects that improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters.

“[This grant money] is dependent on the State of California approving the 2012/2013 budget and accepting the recommendation for BTA funding from the Caltrans staff,” Woods told Patch.

If approved, the item will be brought back to City Council and the public will have a chance to voice concerns, ideas, etc.

. The plan includes 24 miles of connecting bikeways throughout the city—consisting of pavement markings for added visibility; signage for navigation; bicycle racks and lockers; and safety, education and awareness programs.


spidra April 25, 2012 at 02:11 AM
As far as the green lane issue, while I think green lanes are effective at getting the attention of car drivers, the problem seems to be that the federally-mandated color for such a lane seems to be bad for the film/TV industry. I'd like to see the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition put together a meeting with film/TV folk, particularly industry folk who also cycle, to see if there's a solution that works for both cyclists and the industry. However, if the roadblock is that the color is federally mandated, that's probably harder to get changed. If that's the case, a regular old bike lane should do. I often bike on El Centro rather than Mission, but there are times when you want to patronize a business on Mission St. and that means cycling there. I'd like to see South Pasadena Police Dept do more aggressive enforcement of posted speed limits all over our town. I see way too many cars speeding about 20 mph above the limit as well as simply driving recklessly. If the laws on the books were strongly enforced, I think that Mission, Monterey, Fair Oaks and Fremont especially could be much saner streets to be on whether one is driving, cycling or walking.
Betty Jean April 25, 2012 at 03:13 AM
Reckless driving in S. Pas is the NORM now. We've become a city of speeding cars on all streets. Sad but that's the truth and don't get me started on drivers running stop signs. I am personally scared for all bikers in this city. The city and the Police dept need to wake up and do something about this. Bike riding in S. Pas is dangerous.
Sam April 25, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Reckless driving takes place EVERYWHERE, not just in South Pasadena. Bike riding is dangerous EVERYWHERE. You live in Southern California, land of a million cars, all in a rush to get somewhere. Why do you blame the city and the police? They can't be everywhere at once, even in a small city. Once drivers AND bicyclists see there are no cops around, they break the law. You've seen it, I've seen it, everyone's seen it. They don't stop at stop signs, they speed and talk on their cell phones. A cop can write twenty tickets a day, you think that will stop the problem? Don't bet on it, people don't like to take responsibility for anything, they'll fight the system tooth and nail. Don't blame the police, they do the best they can, amongst the multitude of other issues they have to address in the city. Just like everything else in this country, it's incumbent upon you to be safe. Drive defensively and ride defensively, you can't control what others do.
spidra April 25, 2012 at 05:00 AM
I agree people should drive, ride and walk defensively. However, enforcement isn't what it once was in this town. People used to be afraid of speeding through So Pas because they *knew* the odds were that they'd get caught. I heard people complain bitterly (and in a stereotypical way) that "So Pas cops have nothing better to do than ticket speeders". You can't catch everyone, it's true. However, if ticketing for things that endanger people (speeding, blowing stoplights [whether in a car or on a bike], texting/phoning) were stepped up, most people would start to drive lawfully rather than spend time fighting it in court or paying large fines. Places where laws are enforced aggressively generally see more lawful behavior than places where the laws aren't as well enforced. Ever notice how cars slow down near King City, CA? It's because the CHiPs are there and they pull people over. I'm not knocking the police. I'm asking that they look at their staffing & priorities & see if there's a way to step up enforcement of these laws. Your attitude seems defeatist to me. South Pasadena is different than many of the surrounding towns and there are reasons for that. We can continue to work for quality of life improvement. We don't have to give up and say "that happens everywhere" as if there were nothing that could be done.
*Ron Rosen* April 25, 2012 at 01:04 PM
The SPPD has me driving very slowly. Tickets do work. On another note: Racks are good!


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