South Pasadena High School Makes Way For New Classrooms

The estimated $6.3 million project will provide necessary science labs for college prep courses.

A two-story building with four science labs and six classrooms will replace South Pasadena High School’s current bungalows adjacent to two tennis courts near Diamond Avenue, said Superintendent Joel Shapiro. A firm working with school district officials will provide initial designs that must be approved by the board and then further approved by the Division of State Architect.

Projected costs for the new building is estimated at $6.3 million. The district has $3.5 million budgeted through the state grant Measure M, with the remainder coming from a district facilities fund and a loan.

The science labs, Shapiro said, are crucial for students taking science college prep classes for admission to California State Universities and University of California campuses. Currently, there aren’t enough labs for classes at the high school, forcing teachers to have to trade off. The goal is to grant every science teacher full time access to a lab. Construction should begin this summer.

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