SPPD Shares Child Safety Tips with Parents

School is in session, and it’s time to remind children how to be safe on their way two and from school and activities.

The South Pasadena Police Department sent Patch a list of safety tips for parents to share with their children.  Following these suggestions will help kids to be safe and teach them to recognize danger signs. 

It’s also a good time for parents who have special rules, for example a list of people who can pick up their children or secret safety words, to review those.  Here’s what to tell the kids:

On the way to and from school and activities

  • Don’t talk to strangers and never get close to a stranger’s vehicle
  • Don’t believe any story they may tell to get close
  • Never accept rides from a stranger
  • Walk with friends
  • Know the routes to school and consider having a safe place, such as a friend’s home or store, on the way
  • Never give your name of address to a stranger
  • If a stranger is following you, walk in the opposite direction and return to school or go to a store and call police
  • Yell and scream if a stranger attempts to grab you, and run away
  • Know where emergency call boxes are located. They have a blue light atop a red pole and connect directly to the police department.
  • 911 is a free call from any pay phone
  • If you have a cell phone, store the police department number on it. In South Pasadena, (626) 403-7297 goes directly to the dispatcher.
  • Carry identification with the names and phone numbers of your parents or guardian
  • Avoid wearing clothes, backpacks, or other items with your name easily visible; a stranger can pretend to know you if he or she knows your name

At home alone

  • Never open the door to strangers
  • Have all emergency numbers listed
  • Never say that you are home alone
  • Let the answering machine pick up telephone calls
  • Do not allow anyone in the house without your parent’s permission
  • If you return home and notice an open or broken window, do not go in; call the police from a neighbor’s house

For parents

  • Know your children’s friends and who they hang around
  • Children are curious. Lock up all medications and firearms.


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