Thursday May be the Hottest of the Year

With a heat wave rolling through, National Weather Service is predicting today to be the hottest of the year.

If you're feeling a bit sweaty in South Pas today, you're not alone. 

National Weather Service forecasters say that today and tomorrow will be the hottest days of the current heat wave, which is expected to persist until early next week, reports City News Service (CNS).

"Some stations may have been hotter earlier in the year but overall, (today) will be the hottest it's been this year,'' meteorologist Ryan Kittell told CNS.

Although highs for today in the valley are expected to reach the 100s, the 10-day forecast for South Pas says residents can expect a high of 91 degrees Thursday and 95 degrees Friday and Saturday. By Monday, temps are expected to drop to the 80s, and stay that way through the week, according to Weather.com.

The hot temperatures are part of a dominant high-pressure system that will continue over the region until Sunday, Stuart Seto, a specialist at the National Weather Service, told the L.A. Times. 

“We want to grab people’s attention, to let people know to be safe,” Seto told the news outlet.

On average, more than 1,500 people in the country die each year from excessive heat.

For tips on how to beat the heat, click here.

PATCH ASKS: How did the heat affect your day? And more importantly, how will you stay cool Friday and throughout the weekend? Will you head to the pool or stay indoors? 

Carrie Adrian August 27, 2011 at 02:01 AM
I have heard everything from 96 F to 107 F in the Pasadena area. Whatever, it is hot and muggy.


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