How You Can Help Reopen The Rialto

Friends of the Rialto has begun fundraising for the renovation of the historic theatre and hopes to hire a historic theater consultant soon.

It's time to really start fundraising for the Rialto. 

Escott Norton from Friends of the Rialto has begun a campaign to secure an $8,000 contract with a historic theater consultant, Pasadena Star-News reported Friday.

The advocacy group is encouraging Rialto fans to make donations via Pasadena Arts Council.

All donation info can be found HERE

Other Ways To Get Involved

Norton posted a Facebook poll last week to gauge the community's interest in helping reopen the theater. From sharing ideas about programming to recruiting sponsors, about 30 people have agreed to lend a hand thus far. 

(But Patch knows there are so many more who want to help. So take the poll, and Norton will follow-up with you when the time is right!)

YOU can take the poll HERE.

What's Happening With The Sign? 

,  is looking to further renovate it after applying for a $30,000 matching grant from the Route 66 Corridor Restoration Program Friday.

"[The] chamber applied for a 'Phase II' project in which—after the current work is complete, and if the landowner/leaseholder agree and support it—the rust would be fixed, the sign repainted and lights installed, electricity connected and sign re-lit," said Chamber President Feldmann. 

As for whether or not money can be granted for the interior of the Rialto, Norton says it may be difficult for the chamber to do so since it doesn't own the building. 

"The Marquee is part of the streetscape; it contributes to the historic look of the whole town," explains Norton. "... fixing up the building primarily benefits the building owner (yes, we would all benefit too!)."

See Laurie Allee's above video for history on the historic Rialto Theatre. 

What are your ideas for saving the Rialto? Will you donate your time or money?

Kim Lesak April 10, 2012 at 04:06 PM
I still plan to fund the entire endeavor if I win the lottery.
Kristen Lepore April 11, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Love that idea, Kim! ... Friends of the Rialto is also in the midst of planning some fundraising events. I will keep everyone in the loop when dates, locations, are decided.


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