Desensitization of human life is a major contributor to the mass killings of past years

Desensitization to the value of human life is the catalyst and guns are the means to act out. How many shootings with men and women aiming a pistol at and shooting another person, with all too realistic bleeding chest wounds and blood spurting out the back, do we see on TV’s cop/CSI shows in a week, 10, 20. They look like San Peckinpah outtakes. Wasn’t that many years ago, that kind of violence demanded an X rating in the movie industry. Now its common place on our TV screens. 

How many video games give kids a game controller that he or she can slice to pieces with a sword, or blast with guns, women, men, children or animals with blood and body parts flying.

By the time a child reaches 12-16 these days, he or she had seen hundreds, if not thousands of gun or knife killings and rapes on TV. Now they’re doing it with arrows.

What’s the answer ... I haven’t one. I doubt you’ll ever see a meaningful regulation of any medium. You know, freedom of speech and the 1st amendment. Do you think there was this kind of shooting event carnage across the U.S., prior to TV and video game violence. NO.

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Billy B. December 18, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Where are all of the shootings in Japan and Canada? They have access to all of the same media that the USA does. Isn't the problem lack of regulation on gun owners and purchasers and the lack of tax dollars designated for mental health here? I find it strange that in the USA, we won't give up our toys (guns), but we ask people to give up their actual toys (toys) whenever tragedies like this happen. I find it strange that when one man had a bomb in his shoe, we must all remove our shoes, and when one man has weaponized underwear, we are all subject to radiation inducing inspections. But when heavily armed individuals with effortless access to guns commit these atrocious acts, then the problem is videogames and TV. The intelligentsia is aware that in many cases, violent imagery sublimates human violent impulses, but naturally, imagery of any kind can be a psychological trigger to psychopaths. Lastly, on gun ownership. Can we please stop misinterpreting the 2nd Amendment? Which states "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" This means is that they can never take our guns as long as we are a part of a well-regulated militia that serves the order of protecting the state. It has never protected individuals' rights to own recreational firearms. Additionally, it was written when America was a frontier state, before the invention of Semi-automatic weapons.
Billy B. December 18, 2012 at 07:12 PM
I ran out of space, but in conclusion, the difference between the USA and Japan (which has only had 11 gun murders this year), or Canada, which has hardly ever had a major catastrophe like this, or Australia, etc. Essentially, the rest of the modern world, is gun regulation. Not regulating videogames. Videogame regulation should be limited to the household, as nobody has ever killed anyone with a videogame.


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