Empty Storefront: What Business Would You Like to See Here?

It's been six months since Bella's Gourmet Pizza closed shop in South Pasadena.

Bella's Gourmet Pizza closed shop in South Pasadena in June 2013. (Photo credit: Ajay Singh).
Bella's Gourmet Pizza closed shop in South Pasadena in June 2013. (Photo credit: Ajay Singh).
The sign is still there on 700 Fair Oaks Ave., replete with these block-letter words painted in white on the front door: "Open 7 Days a Week at 11 AM." Giant refrigerators and a Coca-Cola machine are visible inside—and one of those large, insulated pizza-delivery bags sits by the glass window. But Bella's Gourmet Pizza, which has another location further up on Fair Oaks in Old Town Pasadena, left South Pas in June 2013, and the space has been lying vacant ever since.

An employee at the Old Town pizzeria told Patch that Bella's left South Pasadena after about six months last summer because it wasn't getting much business. (Bella's predecessor was another pizzeria named Garlic Jim's.) Bella's has held on to its South Pasadena number, though. If you've been unaware of the store's closure and have called (626) 799-5467 lately to order pizza, you might be wondering why the delivery wasn't exactly hot. 

It must come as a surprise to many South Pas residents why there isn't sufficient demand for pizza in a small city that has many schools. Besides, Bella's pies are known to be pretty yummy. So, for every resident who hates to see empty storefronts in South Pas, here's a challenging question: What kind of business do you think would do well in the space Bella's vacated?
Jeanie January 23, 2014 at 05:09 PM
Whatever business goes in this space--support them! As a former business owner, I understand the challenges facing small mom n' pop businesses. There are duplicate businesses (nail salons, massage, etc.) that seem to linger, while great cottage businesses fall through the cracks because we either don't know of them, or because we do not support them. We should all remember to take a look around and see what we can buy here in our own town to keep our small town atmosphere as unique and desirable as our reputation :~)
Joanne Nuckols January 23, 2014 at 07:47 PM
I agree with Alice...not another not another nail salon, hair salon nor a massage parlor.
Justanotheropinion January 24, 2014 at 01:00 AM
There use to be a great Mediterranean place on Fair Oaks just South of Verizon. We use to go in frequently as it was the only place around that had that type of food. We were heartbroken when they closed. When I asked the owner why they were leaving, she stated it was from lack of business. Mom & Pop business's are hard pressed to survive - especially in a small town. Would welcome another similar food place. God knows we don't need more pizza.


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