Hundreds Pack Open House for South Pas' Newest Bakery

Co-owner of La Monarca Bakery, Alfredo Livas, said he was pleased with Thursday's turnout.

Mariachi music mixed with Metro bells on the corner of Mission Street and Meridian Avenue Thursday. 

Crowds streamed into La Monarca Bakery, which opened in December but held its grand opening celebration this week. People munched on chorizo appetizers and Mexican wedding cookies while Mariachi De Mi Tierra blared and strummed Mexican folk music. 

"We're really happy to be here,'' co-founder Alfredo Livas said between handshakes. 

Livas chose Thursday for the open house hoping to maximize foot traffic with the weekly South Pasadena Farmers' Market. Considering the line to get into the bakery, it appeared to have worked. 

Ed Larsson February 11, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Although it's nice to see some diversity in town, and a new bakery to somewhat fill the shoes left after the Great Harvest fiasco, I find La Monarca's offerings to be a bit mediocre and relatively expensive. For instance, a small pan dulce that would cost 35 cents or so in El Sereno costs $1 at La Monarca. The tres leches cake is okay, but I've had better at even Portos, and that's not even a Mexican bakery. I will give them another try after a few months to see if things get better.


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