The Music Curmudgeon

Hey music, get off my lawn.

My wife and I like to play this game while we drive. Wait, stop right there. By “play this game,” I clearly mean I rant for long stretches of time and my wife tolerates my bombastic nonsense while she plays Boggle on her iPhone.

Anyway, the game is simple, I find songs on the satellite radio and then I pass judgment on them. It turns out I’m the music curmudgeon; basically I want to tell all of the music to get off my damn lawn.

Of all the bad songs in all the world, the one that always turns up on my radio is Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock N’ Roll.” I’m not a fan of songs about songs in the first place, but then Bob writes a modern song to complain about modern songs? Then every wedding DJ colludes with all of your Aunts and Uncles so it becomes the song to get the old people on the dance floor, loose pale flesh wobbling about — it’s just awful.

This week on CVLegends I asked for people to nominate their least favorite song, below are some of the responses:

Sunny Daze - "California Girls" by the Beach Boys.... what? us real cali girls aren't good enough for ya? my cousin & i used to call KYA during the midnight show to have that record "BOMBED"! ;-)

Chris Cartwright - Anything Getty Lee sings.

Annette Sorenson Zak - "Come On Baby Light My Fire,” not big on songs that constantly repeat themselves.

Brian Dobbie - American Pie. Mainly because it's way too long and too many people try to sing it at karaoke. 

Michael Joseph Kusiak - "Hotel California" (and basically anything ascribed to the "classic rock" category). It's kind of like how any California-themed sandwich, particularly outside of California, is a turkey sandwich but suddenly becomes the "California Club" because someone added a little avocado and bean sprouts. Like the use of bean sprouts on a turkey sandwich, you add "California " in your song, and a bad song becomes this defining ballad for everything that is California. A sub genre are songs that name drop geographic references from LA (think, "All I want to do is have some fun (...) until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard.") 

Kathy Rose Mathisen - “Waiting for the World to Change" by John Mayer. To me, it illustrates everything wrong with today's "young" people. Be the change you wish to see in the world; don't just sit on your butt complaining that you don't like it and hope that it gets better.

Lisa Marie Fabela Arens - With you on the "Old Time". Also Push It -SaltnPepa and Celebrate- Cool & the Gang. Specifically told my wedding DJ NOT to play Celebrate and he did anyway...

Michael Farinha - “Built this City” by Starship. It's a song that my aerobics P.E. teacher overplayed during my freshman year.

Casey Sims - Metallica singing that [expletive] Bob Segar song.

Jennifer Darcey - Least favorite is "Love Shack" by The B-52's and more recently it's been "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. They both bug me so bad!!!!

Mike Stansbury - I can't remember the name or most of the lyrics (thank god) but the stupid song starts off with dat da dat da da da dat duh dat da dah duh dut duh duh duh then at some point for no reason at all she sings "instead I pour the milk" - I think that was the most pointless, worthless song I ever heard.. they even used it for a commercial recently.. then follow that with nothing compares to you by skinhead o'conner. that damn song just got stuck in my head one day and i couldn't sleep because it kept playing over and over in my head... and I didn't even like it!

Michael Joseph Kusiak @Mike - Suzanne Vega - "Tom's Diner" She also sang another annoying song called "My Name Is Luca," which you really can't admit to disliking because it's about child abuse.

My wife was a volunteer at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and she found herself at one of the cultural events: an evening of music with The Chieftans and Suzanne Vega. It was bad, she said.

Karen Orser Gilbert - I hate hate hate “Cats in the Cradle,” there is no more depressing song out there. "Wildfire" used to be my second hatiest song but has now been replaced by "Just Say What You Need To Say."

Lara Lelis Montano - Anything by...Early-Mid '90s hip-hop and rap like Jodeci, NWA, 2 Live Crew, etc. A few other mid-90s failures: Ace of Base and PM Dawn.

Patrice Herman - This is a good read.. some of the songs mentioned I love and some I agree I hate.. enjoyed reading these posts!

How about you, any of these songs drive you batty? Or do you find yourself wanting to box someone’s ears for lambasting your favorite song ever? Please feel free to join the conversation by visiting www.facebook.com/CVLegends or you can always leave your comments below.

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David Ross February 19, 2012 at 01:48 AM
"American Pie" - I like this song. It's what I call a "potty break song." DJ's on the radio play while they take care of business.
Billy Bradford February 19, 2012 at 04:08 PM
I'll be the spelling curmudgeon. It's "Geddy" Lee and Bob "Seger" but that just shows you how freakin old I am. I can't argue with any of the songs listed, but I'll throw in anything by the Dead, although I find that I really like Grateful Dead fans. They are my kind of people, but the actual music - not so much.
David Ashton February 19, 2012 at 04:11 PM
@David Ross, I like American Pie too, for sentimental reasons; I remember driving the curvy portion of Redwood Rd with my Dad in his Trans Am (t-tops off) the first time I heard that song. The song always reminds me of sun, and wind, and being close with my Dad.
Angie Calcagno February 26, 2012 at 06:02 PM
"What's going on" by 4 non blondes is absolutely horrible to me.
Lessis Moore February 26, 2012 at 06:52 PM
" the song to get the old people on the dance floor, loose pale flesh wobbling about — it’s just awful." Really? That's so not nice. Hope they read this and cut you from the will.


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