Show Off Your Favorite Ornament

We're looking for photos of the most unique, quirky or memorable ornaments you hang on your tree for the holidays.

Holiday decorations do more than glitter and sparkle — they give a hint about the personality of their owners.

Whether it's a truly unique design acquired in your years of travel, a family heirloom, a classic depiction of what it means to think about wintertime and Christmas or showing loyalty to your favorite sports team or cartoon character, ornaments run in a full range of sizes, shapes and colors.

And when it comes time to deck out the tree, it's the ornament that gets the best spot — the perfect place for the ornament to function as a conversation starter.

Other folks prefer original, handmade decorations — especially if they were created by the kids when they were younger.

Whatever the style, one thing's for sure: favorite decorations are unique.

Here's your chance to share photos or video of the most unique decoration that adorns your tree.

Post your photos and video by clicking the Upload button above.

 Here's a story I wrote about an ornament my birthdad gave me, and the note I found inside a year after he died. 


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