Go Vegan in South Pasadena to Help the Environment

Eating less meat can help reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

You probably know about the adverse health effects of eating too much red meat — like the increased risk of heart disease — but did you know you could reduce your carbon footprint by eating less of the stuff?

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, as reported by Scientific American, the production of the meat in our meals causes more atmosphere-damaging greenhouse gases than the cars and factories of the world do.

Nitrogen- and phosphorous-based fertilizers used to grow feed for cows have also been linked to increases in harmful algae blooms in our lakes and oceans.

The nitrogen pollution associated with meat production causes $200-$2,000 billion in damage around the world every year. It also requires 20-50 times more water to produce 2.2 pounds of meat than it does vegetables.

Eating less red meat and more vegetables — and even occasionally cutting out all dairies to go vegan — can help you live a healthy life and reduce the demand for meat production.

Here are a few vegan recipes from The Daily Green that even a meat eater would be happy with.

You can visit one of these grocery stores in South Pasadena for your ingredients:

  • Trader Joe's
  • Vons
  • Ralph's
  • Bristol Farms
  • Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen
  • Pavilions
Merry Hatebear April 08, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Yay! Thank you for this! Going vegan may seem difficult but it's really not bad and after about two weeks you'll be in the swing of things. It's a great way to do many positive things. A vegan diet (provided you eat well and not just pre-packaged convenience/junk foods) will make you healthier, reduce animal suffering and lower pollution levels. If you have trouble transitioning, some folks do it by cutting out meat a day at a time - ex. Week 1: No meat Monday, Week 2: No meat Monday & Wednesday..... Another good way is to replace items with vegan alternatives as you run out. Good luck and wishing readers a happier healthier future!


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