Have you Liked South Pas Patch on Facebook? Check out the New Cover Image

I asked readers to submit photos that they believe illustrate this tree-lined town, and folks dutifully responded. Check out the uploaded images.

South Pasadena Patch Facebook needed a new look. I walk around town all the time, snapping this and shooting that, but I haven't quite captured South Pasadena in a single frame. 

These residents did - both on camera and canvas. 

Artist Lea Antonio said she was inspired to paint these images after her jaunts around town with her little boy. You may view her "South Pasadena Scenes'' on her blog.

Karol Franks uploaded two images that she posted on Flickr. The lines of this shot show an interesting perspective from the Gold Line tracks. The roadster in this photograph, "Coffee Stop,'' suggests a moment from another time.

Patch will feature each of these images as the Facebook cover art.

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