Just for Fun: What 2012 Trends Really Irked You?

We are done giving thanks for another year. Now let's talk about things that really annoyed us in 2012. I'll start....


Here's the editor's list of things that really bugged her this year.  Feel free to add your own in the comment section below:

1.  Half-sheeted paper towels...I really just want a full sheet to dry my hands

2.  People who order overly complicated coffee drinks....this might be a tea-drinker's bias, but why am I always in line behind these people?

3.  University Avenue traffic.....need I say more?

4.  Black Friday on Wednesday AND Thursday

5.  That song by Phillip Phillips....it's a good song--but please, once, maybe twice a day tops

6.  People who already have their Christmas trees up

7.  The ba-zillion catalogs that stuff my mailbox daily, and from which I will order absolutely nothing

8.  Special tools used just to lift a turkey out of the pan....come on

9.  Dodgers' fans who are in denial over the fact the Giants have two world championships in the past three years

10. Dogs in strollers

Okay, now it's your turn....let it rip!

Stacie Chan November 26, 2012 at 06:46 PM
I love dogs, but in addition to dogs in strollers: doggy cupcakes.


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