Letter: School Districts Urge Parent Support on Propositions 30/38

School District Superintendents of the 5 Star Coalition (Pasadena, Burbank, La Canada, Glendale and South Pasadena) explain the difference between Proposition 30 and 38. Do you support one, the other or both Prop 30 and 38?

Dear Editor,

On Nov. 6, the voters of California will have a say on the future of the children in our communities. In the last decade, our schools and classrooms have endured repeated and damaging funding cuts. Districts have closed campuses, raised class sizes, laid off teachers, shortened the school year and shuttered school libraries. These decisions were made not for the educational betterment of our students but instead dictated by budget necessity.  If Propositions 30 and/or 38 pass, we will have some budgetary relief that will finally free us to make decisions in the best interest of our students. 

To bridge funding gaps, our school districts have stitched together a patchwork of one-time federal funds and generous support from our educational foundations, PTAs, private donors and local businesses. They have helped to preserve things such as art and music programs, smaller class sizes, athletic teams and high quality instruction.

But after years of multimillion dollar funding cuts, we are on the precipice, facing automatically triggered and unprecedented budget cuts if both propositions fail. The academic achievement of the students and teachers that have made our communities proud will be gravely imperiled. This current school year could be shortened by as many as 15 days, closing some schools by mid-May. Make no mistake, our schools will have fewer teachers, larger class sizes and reduced opportunities for educational enrichment that our kids so desperately need.

Proposition 30 would protect K-12 schools, colleges, universities and public safety from mid-year budget cuts and is sponsored by Governor Jerry Brown.  Proposition 38, backed by Pasadena civil rights attorney Molly Munger, would mean new revenue streams for K-12 education that would bypass Sacramento and instead go directly to schools. Both propositions on Tuesday’s ballot would bring much needed help to our schools, but only the one that passes and gets the most votes would go into effect.  School boards across the state recognize the potential impact of Propositions 30 and 38 and have endorsed one or both of these initiatives. 

California schools have provided countless opportunities for generations of students. We feel that the students of today deserve that same world-class educational experience. Our schools and students are counting on you to make that happen. 


Superintendent Jan Britz, Burbank Unified School District

Superintendent Jon R. Gundry, Pasadena Unified School District

Superintendent Joel Shapiro, South Pasadena Unified School District

Superintendent Richard M. Sheehan, Glendale Unified School District

Superintendent Wendy Sinnette, La Cañada Unified School District

navigio November 07, 2012 at 12:54 AM
C'mon Gregory, are you saying he didn't say those things out of principal rather out of opportunism?
Gregory Brittain November 07, 2012 at 03:07 AM
I agree with everything Adams said in those quotes, other than the third generation gets to study poetry instead of work for a living and that only the first generation needs to learn the arts of war. My point was we educated children with much less money and much less government and did better job of it in the past. The problems with the expensive government education system that ranges from terrible to mediocre require more than 1200 characters to address. For as long as I have any political memory, improving education has been an issue. The government has spent more and more money with declining quality. Putting the children first requires major reform. Experience has shown trying to reforming the government run education system is futile. Only through choice and competition will the children receive a better education.
David V. November 07, 2012 at 03:58 AM
Gregory, nonsense. You are misusing the past, as is the Tea Party's custom. (Read Jill Lepore, The Whites of Their Eyes, for a wonderful study of the real 18th century vs. the Tea Party's fantasy version.) We educated a small portion of the population in John Adams' day. We didn't bother with people with disabilities. We didn't bother educating poor people or even the middling sort. Half the country was slaveholding, and educating slaves was illegal. You can't compare the work we try to do now with the limited efforts we used to put forth. And because we have so many more people to educate, whose education demands, yes, resources, we as a society have to fund it adequately. We have neglected that responsibility of late, because of our shameful unwillingness to tax those who can easily afford it.
hayes November 23, 2012 at 10:11 AM
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True Freedom December 19, 2012 at 11:22 PM
@pusdad: private school families in Pasadena provide far more funds via taxes to PUBLIC education.. than families whose children attend public school in Pasadena.


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