South Pasadena Code Enforcement

Has anyone had a problem with South Pasadena code enforcement trespassing on your property? I would like to speak with you, in confidence if you like. Respond to mlnbjn@yahoo.com or call 818-209-0367
M Glick June 06, 2014 at 01:05 PM
No, we've not had problems w/ SP code. We are looking into doing some work on our property, so I was curious as to what the problems are that you are having. But, after reading what you put up on you blog, all I can think is: Wouldn't it be simpler for you just to get the proper permits? I think you are stressing yourself out over something that can easily be remedied. If I were one of your neighbors I too probably would have also called the city If I saw a "worker" who was not a licensed contractor grading a hillside in an attempt to put in a retaining wall and said "worker" appeared to be doing it in a manner that could put the neighboring properties of others at risk.
mark June 07, 2014 at 02:30 AM
There is something in America called the constitution. It gives us certain inalienable rights that ALL of us have as citizens of this country, even in south pasadena. It protects ALL of us, including yourself, marlon rameriz, bill reed, craig melicher, david watkins, sergio gonzalez, john mayer, city council members, etc., as well as my neighbors john grab and the bangers. The neighbors are free to call the police or code enforcement whenever they see fit. That is their right of free speech, also included in the constitution.The problem occurs with what marlon or the police do with the information. Last I checked, the right to come on my property without consent or a search warrant still is included in the constitution and would therefore apply to myself and my property even though I happen to live in the city of south pasadena. Here's my phone number, 818-209-0367. I would be happy to review the constitution and ALL of the circumstances of my situation with you so that you do not have the same problems that I have.


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