The Dos and Don'ts of Hosting a Great Super Bowl Party

Easy ways to keep your guests happy and yourself stress free on Super Bowl Sunday.

For football fans across the nation, Super Bowl Sunday means one thing...PARTY! If you and your home are playing host to one of these parties you may feel a little added pressure to put on a great shin dig. Here are some do's and don'ts to help you stay worry free and keep your guests happy.

Do- Plan a Menu

As host, the food and beverage menu should be priority number one. Stay stress free by pre-planning your menu. Buying nonperishable items well in advance can help avoid any last minute trips to the store.

Food can be as easy as chips and salsa and as complicated as surf and turf so it helps, when planning, to have a theme.

For example, your theme could be dips. You could serve chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, vegetables and ranch dip, fruit and honey dip, and crusty bread and spinach dip.

If you have a nice barbecue you could have a meaty theme and grill different sausages, ribs, kabobs, and burgers.

Once you have planned your menu look for good food and beer pairings and choose your beverages to go with your theme. Make sure to have non-alcoholic options for guests under 21 and designated drivers.

Grocery stores around South Pasadena are all offering Super Bowl specials on food and beverages, including Bristol Farms, Ralphs and Pavilions. 

Do- Delegate

It is quite likely that your party guests will include close friends and family, asking to them to participate will help ease the burden on you and give you more time to enjoy their company and the game. Have them  bring a favorite appetizer, drink, or dessert for everyone to try.

Don't- Go Overboard.

The primary focuses of a Super Bowl party are to eat/drink and watch football.  Don't waste a lot of time getting out your good china or hand scrubbing your floors. Those fondant covered cakes shaped like footballs might be nice but will go largely unappreciated.

Give yourself a break. Buy paper plates and plastic utensils and make sure your television works.

Do- Brush Up on the Game

A working knowledge of football is essential for any party host. Before your guests arrive you should know some or all of the following:

  • What teams are playing
  • Who the two quarterbacks are
  • How many points a touchdown is worth
  • What it means to be in the "red zone"
  • At least one other way a team can score besides a touchdown
  • What the Vegas odds are

Don't- Be a Know it All

Understanding and appreciating football is great but nobody likes an insipid know-it-all. Keep the ancient football stats and unnecessary trivia to yourself and enjoy the game at hand.

Do- Mandate Responsible Drinking

Remember you are the host until your guests return to their own homes. Making sure they get there safely is an important duty. Collect car keys in a bowl or a small safe, designate drivers, and make sure you have the number for a taxi service on hand. Locally, try Glendora Taxi Service 626-280-44.

Now that your menu is planned and you know how many innings-oops- I mean quarters are in a football game, you are ready to host your party. Remember to cheer loud and have fun. If you relax and enjoy yourself your guests will too!

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