CV Detectives Recover $600K 'Perfect Diamond'

Authorities are still looking for the suspected thief, but they recovered the diamond in Los Angeles.

detectives recovered a ''perfect diamond'' worth $600,000, following a weeks-long burglary investigation, authorities said.

The suspected thief "maliciously'' stole the diamond from an elder in the family, according to a press release from Sgt. Debra Herman. Officials are not releasing the location from where the gem was swiped, nor the identity of the suspected thief.

Lead Detective Todd Sams executed a search warrant at a location in Los Angeles where they found the diamond. It was taken to a professional jeweler who said that "this was the most perfect diamond he has ever seen,'' the press release stated. He valued the diamond in excess of $600,000.00.

"Even though the diamond is very valuable, it is priceless to the victim,'' Herman wrote in her press release.

Added Capt. Dave Silversparre, “I am very proud of the work our station detectives do on a daily basis, and this is just an example. They are dedicated, hard-working and I am appreciative of their commitment to their duties and the community.” 

JT Hampton June 30, 2012 at 05:00 AM
Sure would like to see a photo of this thing! And while I'm glad the woman got her ring back, I do wonder why something that was worth $600,000 would've just been in her house.
Greg Hiscott July 02, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Elders don't always have the best judgement.


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