Fire Blotter: Woman Bites Self

The Arcadia Fire Department also treated a man who had a head laceration from an assault.

The Arcadia Fire Department responded to a variety of emergency calls during the week of Nov. 25-Dec. . The following is a breakdown of incident types recorded for this time period:

Fires: 2
EMS/Rescues: 67
Hazardous Materials: 1
Public Service Assistance: 11
Good Intent Calls: 20
False Alarms: 7
Total Incident Count: 108

Woman Biting Herself

At 1:48 p.m. on Nov. 25, paramedics responded to a call regarding a woman attempting to harm herself with self-inflicted bites. Paramedics provided basic care at the scene, including comforting the patient and establishing a safe environment. Arcadia police assisted paramedics. The patient was transported to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Suspected Natural Gas Leak

At 8:32 a.m. on Nov. 27, Truck 105 responded to a call regarding the smell of natural gas in the 500 block of Leda Lane. Despite using a four-gas atmospheric monitor and a methane gas detector, fire personnel did not find any indication of a natural gas leak.

Fire on Campus Drive

At 8:34 a.m. on Nov. 29, Engine 105 responded to a reported apartment complex fire in the 00 block of Campus Drive.

 Firefighters and police officers evacuated several residents from the building. Suppression personnel entered the structure and extinguished a small oven fire confined to the room of origin in a second story unit. The total fire loss was approximately $2500. No one was injured, although paramedics treated one resident who over-exerted him or herself during the evacuation process.

Man Assaulted, Treated for Head Laceration

At 11:36 p.m. on Nov. 30, Engine 105 and Rescue Ambulance 105 responded to a medical assist in the 200 block of East Live Oak Avenue. Fire crews evaluated a man with a large laceration to the back of the head from an assault. Paramedics administered advanced life support measures on scene, including establishing venous access, trauma dressing to control the bleeding and oxygen therapy. Paramedics transported the patient to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Fireplace Flue Closed, House Filled With Smoke

At 3:40 p.m. on Dec. 1, Engine 107 responded to a hazardous condition in a home in the 2200 block of Highland Vista Drive. The home was filled with smoke because its resident had used the fireplace with the flue closed. Fire crews opened the flue and requested that Truck 105 respond to assist with smoke removal from the structure. 

ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 13, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Sorry Folks: cant pass this one up> From the Police and Fire Blotter. Paramedics responded to a residence where a woman was bighting herself. She was treated and taken to hospital for evaluation.
ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 13, 2012 at 05:58 PM
From a divorce court hearing, a man testified his wife beat him with the Thanks Giving Turkey because it was tough. He then added....."She was right, it was tough". Police arrested a Jimmy Verdugo for Public drunkeness. They found him up in a tree and he claimed he was looking for cigarette butts. He then changed his story to he was looking for a woman to dance with. TRUE STORIES.


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