Four Injured in Pasadena Crash

Fire engine en route to an emergency call was struck by a teen driver late Saturday night.

Four people were injured, including two firefighters when the driver of a Sedan collided with a fire truck in Pasadena Saturday.

The crash happened in the intersection at Craig Avenue and Corson Street around 11:16 p.m., according to a Pasadena Fire Department press release. Pasadena Fire Engine 32 and another emergency vehicle were responding to an emergency call.

Both emergency vehicles were traveling south on Craig Avenue with lights and sirens when they approached the intersection. After stopping at the traffic signal, the engine proceeded through and was struck on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The second emergency vehicle immediately summoned additional resources, while substitute responders were dispatched to the original emergency.

Both the teen driver of the Sedan and their passenger were treated at the scene for moderate injuries and were transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital, while the firefighters were treated for complaints of pain, officials said. The firefighters were released from Huntington Memorial with restriction.

Pasadena Police were able to verify the driver of the Sedan was a teen, but the age was not immediately known, according to Lieutenant Diego Torres.

The crash is still under investigation.


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