Police: Uptick in Garage Cabinet Burglaries

The increase was noted in February's Neighborhood Watch Newsletter, published by the South Pasadena Police Department.

South Pasadena Police suggests residents not store vaulables in apartment garage cabinets, as they are a target for burglars.

Police have seen a rise in burglaries, the February Neighborhood Watch Newsletter states. The cabinets are usually wood and secured with a simple portable lock. The suspects will either cut the lock or pry off the entire clasp. Because the cabinets are located in the garage area, they are out of view from the residents.

"Remember that these storage cabinets are not safes,'' the newsletter states. So, don't store valuables in there and make sure all hinges are secured. Also, be sure to use a high quality padlock to secure it.

To read more about auto burglaries in town, and the make and model of cars most solen, please see the newletter attached to this article. 

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