Preventing Holiday Package Theft: How to Keep Your Boxes Safe

With thieves targeting delivered packages, authorities are urging residents to be on high alert.

Holiday grinches are stealing gifts right off people’s doorsteps, and it’s more common than people realize.

Here in South Pasadena, authorities are alerting residents of a thief who was caught on video surveillance stealing a package right off a resident’s porch in broad daylight.

According to police, thieves are known to target a home right after a delivery is made. They will even follow delivery trucks such as FedEx, UPS and US Mail as they make deliveries. Many of the crimes occur during the daytime hours while most residents are away.

To ensure your packages arrive safely, and reduce the chances your holiday packages are stolen, South Pasadena Police offer these tips:

 If possible, have packages delivered to your work.

 Consider having the delivery carrier hold the package at their local facility for pick-up.

 If you must have the delivery shipped to your home and can’t be home to accept delivery, consider having a trusted neighbor pick-up the package.

 If possible, always get a tracking number.

 Pick up packages as soon as possible and avoid having them left in conspicuous places.

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