Two Temecula Residents Arrested For Child Endangerment, Drugs

The arrests were part of an ongoing narcotics investigation, according to Sgt. Chris Gaskins of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

After a search warrant was served Thursday in Temecula, two people were arrested.

As part of an ongoing narcotics investigation, the warrant was served in the 45000 block of Camino Rubi at approximated 4 p.m. by the Temecula Police Department's Special Enforcement Team along with the Temecula Police Department's Problem Oriented Policing Team, according to a report from Sgt. Chris Gaskins of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

“During the search of the residence, approximately a quarter ounce of methamphetamine and various prescription pills were located. Three minor children were located at the residence and with the assistance of the Drug Endangered Children team, they were placed into protective custody,” the sergeant reported.

The following individuals were arrested, according to Gaskins:

Matthew Moody, 38, of Temecula, for possession for sales of a controlled substance, felony child endangerment, and under the influence of a controlled substance.

Priscilla Pounds, 35, of Temecula, for felony child endangerment and under the influence of a controlled substance.

Galactic Cannibal December 10, 2012 at 04:44 AM
J L Don't you mean a killer of the mind and body.
Connie Lingus December 10, 2012 at 03:14 PM
People, don't encourage the looney posters. Funny when they fail to instigate a reaction they use their second or third patch account to praise their prior post. What a lonely pathetic existence.
Tamara December 11, 2012 at 06:11 AM
Unfortunately Pricilla was sucked into Matt's bullshit! She IS a good mom...however, her addiction was too strong to overcome... I know for a fact she loves her children very much!!! Did she screw up? YES!!! But it doesn't mean she is a lowlife who doesn't love her girls!!! DON'T JUDGE!!! Instead pray for the girls who are thrown into this horrible ordeal... AND NO THEY WON'T BE ADDICTS OR STRIPPERS!!! I love you K, K & K Stay strong girls love you
Priscilla December 11, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Thank you to my true friends for all the positive support! In the hardest and lowest of times you really do find out who your true friends are.....that would be the people that love and support you in the good and bad times. Xoxo (JUST SAYING!)
KJO December 11, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Yeah, No one is EXEMPT from drug addiction or alcoholism, Everyone who has been negative in this post has someone in their family with some sort of addiction~~~Don't be so quick to judge others and come up with your own conclusion of what YOU THINK is going on, until you've walked in someones shoes you have NO IDEA...My prayers are with The family in hopes that they get the help they need.


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