Food Trucks Welcomed in South Pas, Council Votes

South Pasadena City Attorney Richard Adams called the city's ban "obsolete.''

With the City Council's unanimous vote to repeal South Pasadena's ban on food trucks, the chamber of commerce will weigh in on an ordinance that works for everyone.

"It is important that City Council repealed that outdated [ban],'' said Chamber President Scott Feldman.

"Now the chamber looks forward to helping them create [new vending regulations] that work for both brick and mortar eateries and the ones that have wheels and serve through windows,'' he added.

Wednesday's night repeal of the food truck ban follows a lawsuit filed in August by the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association. The suit alleged that the 1951 ban is in direct contradiction with state law passed in 1984.

"This section has become obsolete and right now we've been sued because we still have this on the books," City Attorney Richard Adams is quoted in a Pasadena Star News story.


Chris Evans October 19, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Hooray .. the roach coaches are back!
Ed Larsson October 20, 2012 at 01:56 AM
Notice the city finally acted only when sued; they would never have addressed the issue otherwise. Now comes the fun part: making new regs palatable to the ever-complaining brick-n-mortars. Eventually they'll find out that: 1. Hardcore food truck customers are rarely brick-n-mortar customers, so the battle for the contents of their wallets is nil. 2. Bringing in casual (and even hardcore) food truck aficionados may actually help bring more collateral local business, good for everyone. 3. Just because there is a food truck in town doesn't mean that the usual brick-n-mortar customers are going to flock to them and forego the traditional dining experience. Different strokes, people. 3.
Justanotheropinion October 20, 2012 at 05:05 AM
I agree that the City probably would not have addressed this had they not been sued. However, I'm glad the trucks can now be here 'legally'. So very much looking forward to new food options in my own back yard. HOWEVER, I do hope that when coming up with new reg's, they don't use the tired excuse of 'the food truck is parked near a brick-n-mortar store with the same food'. If they allow 2 pizza places within doors of each other or sandwich shops across the street from each other, this is a tiresome excuse. I believe food trucks should be courteous and legal, but if the City doesn't tell one pizza owner they can't open up because there is already a pizza place on that block, don't do the same thing with the food trucks. Let the brick-n-mortars with good food compete with new food choices. Forces BOTH business owners to up their game or lose revenue.


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