Photos: South Pasadena Celebrates Last Meeting with Sally Kilby, Philip Putnam

The city clerk and councilman depart from city affairs after 21 years of combined service.

City Manager Sergio Gonzalez, left, with Sally Kilby and Mayor Richard Schneider. (Photo credit: Henk Friezer).
City Manager Sergio Gonzalez, left, with Sally Kilby and Mayor Richard Schneider. (Photo credit: Henk Friezer).

By Henk Freizer

A moment that many who deal with the City of South Pasadena have dreaded for some time came to pass at Wednesday night's city council meeting: Popular, longtime City Clerk Sally Kilby attended her last council meeting as a packed chamber of residents, colleagues and supporters bid her farewell and applauded her for her 13 years of service at city hall.

It was also the final meeting for Councilmember Philip Putnam, who has served on the city council and as mayor since 2005. In a parting speech, Putnam listed his accomplishments and his love for the city he served.

Mayor Richard Schneider listed Kilby’s accomplishments and devotion to the city during her tenure as city clerk. Her tireless work ethic and popularity were also acknowledged. Many tributes were awarded to both Putnam and Kilby. The council adjourned briefly to cut a tribute cake and fete the departing duo.

henk friezer December 06, 2013 at 05:10 PM
On a personal note: I have been a great admirer of Sally Kilby during city clerk tenure. In my 46 year affiliation with the city of South Pasadena as a photo-journalist, I have seen a number of city clerks come and go. To me Sally was the best of the bunch, she was efficient and her knowledge and work ethics were beyond reproach. When information was needed that no one had an answer to, Sally usually came up with solutions or guidance to the proper source. She was city hall! Not only was she dedicated to her job, she was also a tireless volunteer within the community and was seen working many key So Pas events. Yes I admire Ms Kilby and will miss her very much. But wish her well in a well deserved retirement.
dan watson December 06, 2013 at 05:54 PM
I agree, Henk, although I only was affiliated with South Pasadena for 8 years. Sally was, and is, a gem. She was great to work with and one of the most conscientious people I know. I wish her well in her retirement, although I know she will keep very busy with volunteer work and other worthwhile activities.


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