Temecula Council to Consider Dismissal of City Manager

Temecula City Manager Bob Johnson was placed on administrative leave following a unanimous city council vote in closed session Tuesday night.

Updated at 1:17 p.m. Nov. 14

Temecula's city manager has been placed on administrative leave, pending his dismissal.

City Council voted unanimously in closed session late Tuesday to immediately place City Manager Bob Johnson on leave, Temecula City Attorney Peter Thorson announced shortly before the close of the meeting.

"The council will have no further comments on this matter at this time, as it is a personnel matter," Thorson said.

Assistant City Manager Aaron Adams was named acting city manager, at least until Nov. 27.

"The council will formally consider dismissal of its city manager and appointment of acting city manager at its regularly scheduled meeting Nov. 27," Thorson said.

A tipster told Patch that Temecula's Chief Financial Officer Genie Wilson may also have been placed on leave Tuesday, but Patch was not able to confirm that. The city has not reported taking any action Tuesday regarding Wilson's employment.

"I have no comment on matters of personnel," Acting City Manager Aaron Adams wrote in an email to Patch, when asked whether Wilson had also been placed on leave.

Johnson was hired as city manager in January, after the resignation in late 2011 of Shawn Nelson.

Johnson's salary is about $210,000. Prior to working for the city, he held a high-level planning position for the county of Riverside.

MALIBUSHYLAH November 19, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Brenda - first off, get your vision check sweetie. I didn't post any LINK. That would be the doing of "GD". Secondly, all of the posts that "Whiteknight" "Gardendziner" "Linda McDonald" posted that contained her YELLING at several here and cussing people out (including me) when none of us was using any kind of vulgarity, those posts have been removed by the TP. That is why you haven't seen them and that is why you do not have the full picture. You came into this conversation 2 days late. Those posts were through out the day Wednesday/early Thursday. Call me scum, psycho, crazy, whatever. I could careless. PEACE OUT!
Gandhi November 20, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Thanks Brenda! Yes, I'm one and the same, and as you know, its not easy keeping one's composure on here sometimes. "Sheila" has been very nasty and negative to me as I'm sure you have read, along with the other cast of colorful characters, Popeye, etc. as you can see I have not "yelled" at anyone either, but resent those who try to keep distracting attention from themselves, our city council, by using false names, and continuing to run down rabbit trails by attempting to denigrate me personally, when I am not on trial here. I am NOT a politican, I was not elected to public office to SERVE Temecula, and I am not accountable to them or anyone. Posting newspaper article about myself and husband was waaaaay out of line, and can only make one wonder, WHY they are doing this? Obiviously I'm hitting too close to the mark and they want to distract others on here. Don't fall for it people, stick to the main topic, demand answers, your elected officials are the ones who need their personal and public lives analyzed while in office.
Gandhi November 20, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Ken, you do not need to preach to me about what the crooks are doing down at the Citytajmahall!! I disagree with your statment that our only power as citizens and taxpayers is to vote. WE the citizens are who those crooks work for, they are answerable to US, we can have them investigated, prosecuted, and removed from office. This is the course I recommend at this point, unless they "come clean" with what they have done. THEY HIRED THESE PEOPLE LESS THAN A YEAR AGO!! WHY are they getting rid of them so soon? Perfectly reasonable request, since WE pay their salaries. IF they try to go elsewhere I think the next city might hold US responsible if we neglected to let them know why they were let go here, dont you? Therefore this information should be made know to the citizens of Temecula as well. Kinda makes ya think they're trying to hide something doesnt it? Is that what they want? Or would they like some investigations made? We elected President Clinton to office, and yet apparently a large chunk of fanatics thought it was THEIR BUSINESS if he had sex in the oval office! That would NOT be our business if we went with YOUR statement, our only power was to elect him, wasnt it, or was it?
GD November 20, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Fact check, WhiteKnight. Bob Jones was hired less than a year ago. And heck yes, that needs to be questioned. Genie Wilson is a long time city employee, according to John Hunneman of the Press Enterprise. There's also an updated story on the PE website you might want to check out. Answers are needed. Sometimes it takes time to get them.
Gandhi November 20, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Whatever GD, sorry I didnt realize that Genie had been there so long, makes it all the more imperative to give citizens some idea as to why she and now the City Manager are both let go, and "difference in philosophy" as reported in news aint cuttin it for me! Yes, why wait until AFTER the election indeed! I dont trust Hunneman, myself, too much butt kissing goin on with reporters and politicans.


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