Contest: List of Winners in the City's Essay, Drawing and Photography Competitions

Did your child or your children's classmates enter any of the school contests for the City of South Pasadena's 125th anniversary celebration? Check this article to see the full list of winners.


18 & Under City Wide Photo Contest

1st Place – Viggo Villalobos

2nd Place – Aidan Bar-Cohen

3rd Place – Alicia Alderete


18 & Over City Wide Photo Contest

1st Place – Teri Salvador

2nd Place – Craig Renwick

3rd Place -  Michelle Torres


School Photo Contest 6-8 grade

1st Place – Lauren Kafkaloff

2nd Place – Samantha Abelson

3rd Place – Gina Catania


School Photo Contest 9-12 grade

1st Place – Onsuku Iwayanagi

2nd Place – Kyle Decker

3rd Place – Clarissa Choy


Essay Contest 2nd Grade

1st Place – Chan Im

2nd Place – Charlie Betts

3rd Place – Leah Chang


Essay Contest 3rd Grade

1st Place – Sadie Metcalfe

2nd Place – Penelope Aboud

3rd Place – Nadeem Mallat


Essay Contest 4th Grade

1st Place – Rachel Serwin

2nd Place – Madeleine Yoo


Essay Contest 5th Grade

1st Place – Ian Wang

2nd Place – Vanessa Ng

3rd Place – Esther Won


Essay Contest – 6th Grade

1st Place – Raymond Yeo


Essay Contest – 7th Grade

1st Place – Samuel Ng


Essay Contest – 8th Grade

1st Place – Faye Witherall

2nd Place – Nour Mallat

3rd Place – Grace Kull


Drawing and Painting Contest – Kindergarten

1st Place - Rumor Phoenix Ledesma

2nd Place – Ethan Kung

3rd Place – Isole Kim


Drawing and Painting Contest – 1st Grade

1st Place – Hannah Yoon

2nd Place – Sydney Lee

3rd Place – Gee You Lee


Drawing and Painting Contest – 2nd Grade

1st Place – Eliana Chow

2nd Place- Tallie Yoo

3rd Place- Graham Sellers


Drawing and Painting Contest- 3rd Grade

1st Place – Ava Dunville

2nd Place- Alyssandra Lachica

3rd Place- Sydney Morrow


Drawing and Painting Contest-4th Grade

1st Place – Luyang Zhang

2nd Place – Talulla Chow

3rd Place – Madeleine Yoo


Drawing and Painting Contest-5th Grade

1st Place – Anna Guevara

2nd Place – Ruby Sortino

3rd Place – Ayush Pareek


Drawing and Painting Contest – 6th Grade

1st Place – Aaron Wong

2nd Place – Lauren Kafkaloff

3rd Place – Hayley Villapudua


Drawing and Painting Contest-7th Grade

1st Place – Elisa Jin

2nd Place – Zareth Halaby

3rd Place (tie) – Diego Zavala

3rd Place (tie) – Valentina Quinonez


Drawing and Painting Contest- 8th Grade

1st Place – Jennifer Zhang

2nd Place – Shane Young

3rd Place – Janice Park



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