CAHSEE No Problem For South Pas Students

South Pas High School students overwhelmingly passed the test given to tenth-graders statewide as part of their graduation requirements.

students eclipsed the state and county passage rates for the California High School Exit Exam.

The state mandates all 10th-graders take the CAHSEE in order to receive their high school diplomas, although those who do not pass have multiple opportunities during their junior and senior years to retake the exam.

Ninety-eight percent of tenth graders enrolled in  passed the math portion of the exam, while 95 percent passed the English and Language Arts portion.

Comparatively, 83 percent of students statewide passed the English and Language Arts portion of the exam, and 84 percent passed the math portion. In Los Angeles County, 82 percent of students passed the math portion of the CAHSEE, while and 81 percent passed the English and Language Arts portion.

For more information, visit the California Department of Education Web site.


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