DA Rejects Case Against Assistant Superintendent

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office threw out a case against Steve Seaford, whom an irate, out-of-district parent had accused of assault.

The assault case against Assistant Superintendent Steve Seaford has been dropped. 

A week after an aggressive parent, who does not live in the , initiated a , the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office rejected the case, Superintendent Joel Shapiro said Friday. 

The parent, who has not been identified, argued in the district offices last week that his two children should be allowed to stay in the local school system. Seaford explained that the man's family does not live in South Pasadena, and that no more out-of-district permits were available. 

South Pasadena Police Chief Joseph Payne said it is not unusual that parties involved in an emotionally charged case will insist on a private person's arrest out of anger. 

"It's unfortunate that a school district official that was acting out of district policy should have to face such grief,'' Payne wrote in an email.

According to Seaford, the man spewed profanity and became disruptive in front of staff, so he repeatedly asked the man to leave. The parent accused Seaford of "pushing'' him, and called police to report an assault, and proceeded with a private person's arrest. 

Seaford denied pushing the man, and . He has said the man's claims were meritless. 

layla otto September 15, 2012 at 03:49 PM
My experience with south Pasadena started when I needed to enroll my daughter into special ed. She is pretty much a typical "normal" child. So pas didn't see it that way and tried to group categorize her into a special day class. Not only does she not belong their, it is illegal for them to do this as it violates her least restrictive environment (Lre) right. If you haven't noticed, so pas school district does not intergrate their special ed students into general ed classrooms. They place all of them into a special day class even if this is not beneficial to the child. We ended up moving after a year because I was tired of fighting with them, and the sneaky tactics they use to take advantage of parents who don't know state laws. I know parents who have hired lawyers to sue the district. The district is in court a lot over special ed.
Ann Neville-Jan September 15, 2012 at 04:59 PM
My child has an IEP and has never been in a special day class. He's a senior now.
layla otto September 15, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Well, I can't speak for everyone but this has been my experience and other parents that I have spoken too
Sue J. September 15, 2012 at 08:02 PM
I agree with Layla. This district is a mess and has been in litigation over spec. edu. issues, it is public record. I agree too that it would have been good for Mr. Seaford to be prosecuted and dragged through the legal system as he and his staff have done with many caring parents who want the appropriate placemnets and least restrictive educational settings. So. Pas does little to nothing to help find other alternatives. They put children in programs just because they have them, square peg in round holes with no consideration of what the children really need. If parents fight, it might happen, but it is long and tedicious and Mr. Seaford supports all of this baloney. In the meantime, families of spec. ed. children are very intimidated by Mr. Seaford and his spec. ed. staff and either they fight the fight, and sue, move, or stay quiet. I agree this district is a big mess especially regarding programs and services for spec. ed. students. Ann, parent of senior... you were lucky, but most of the stories are different. Mr. Seaford and the staff at the district are not respected and feel that their children are not supported in what they might need for a good education. Mr. seaford is the bully. He is a small angry man who yells and loses his temper with parents who challenge him. Too bad he was not prosecuted. It might have taught him a good lesson.
Andrea Vaz September 16, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Although my kid is in the SPUSD, I'm not familiar with Mr. Seaford. I went through similar situation (permit) but I was helped by Ms. Kathleen, who was really wonderful. But I work at an office myself and I can safely say that if one of us has a problem with a customer the rest of the staff will back up each other. In other words, can't really trust the testimony of co-workers; they will favor the person they know best.


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