New Charter School Rejected

The plan for the school was shoddy, a school report states.


An application to open a new charter school in Temecula was rejected.

The voted unanimously to reject the charter application for the Center for Innovation on Tuesday.

The center currently runs as a program within Julien Charter School, though the teachers and founder of the program, Sue Miller Hurst, want to break away and form a separate school.

"We want to align the vision (of the program) all the way through (the school)," Miller Hurst said after the meeting Tuesday.

Miller Hurst got the report recommending the rejection last week, she said. "When I received this report, I was shocked," she told the Board of Trustees during the meeting. "It felt condescending. I felt it was mocking me. It was full of inaccuracies."

To read the report, click on the PDF file attached to this story.

The report cites as a central reason for the rejection Miller Hurst's role in the failure of a charter school in Bonsall.

She had nothing to do with the failure, Miller Hurst told the board. "They (the school's board) created the financial issues that defeated that charter," she said.

Last month, parents and teachers crowded the board room to . The board room was equally crowded Tuesday, though the mood was more hostile.

Audience members groaned and grumbled loudly as the board and staff members discussed the charter. At one point, an audience member ranted at the board, causing a school official to briefly stop the meeting to ask him to stop.

One board member said he saw no point in granting a charter to a program that was already running successfully. "My biggest concern is that they already exist," Trustee Vince O'Neal said. "Why would this district want to destroy a school that exists in another district?"

After the trustees rejected the charter, the room filled with angry chatter as the audience filed out of the room. One man shouted, "Shame on all of you," as he walked away.

The audience gathered outside the board room to talk about the decision.

"I'm super upset. I have two children in the school," said Alissa Barrera, a mother of a fourth grader and a kindergartener. "We're going to do whatever it takes to stay in the program."

The rejection comes in the wake of the failure of another charter, .

after being open for only a few months, leaving the district with the financial burden of educating the students for the rest of the year.

The recent debacle clouded the board's judgement, Miller Hurst said. "I think they might be gun-shy," she said. "I feel like they wrote this as though I were the other director (of Context)."

Many of the teachers in the crowd said they plan to leave Julien Charter School after the year ends because the director, Jennifer Cauzza, creates a "toxic environment."

Popeye March 23, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Since we are talking about standards, why are there so many pedofiles in the public school system.
Alan Salls March 23, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Good question! Maybe because the system is BROKEN? Possible solution? See the first comment under this article. :)
Terri Jones March 23, 2012 at 05:09 PM
I doubt that's what Ben Franklin had in mind when he created libraries.
Concerned Parent March 26, 2012 at 02:01 AM
My kids currently attend Julian charter, the woman in this story started the program that Julian is currently using. She was let go during the summer with no warning but we as parents have been receiving emails from the current director that had nothing but nasty things to say about Sue Miller-Hurst. Ms. Miller-Hurst has decided to move on and open her own charter. She has been met with strong opposition and at times hostility. We have come to find out that it is a new trend to refuse new charter petitions...it is not just happening here but all over the state. There are law firms popping up in California that are specializing in working with school districts to deny charter requests (Google charter denials in California). It is just a matter of time before charter schools will be a thing of the past. The current ones will be forced to eventually close because they will be denied renewals. In our case here, we found out the Temecula school district had hired such a law firm that worked in putting together this "Report" and the school board had actually not even read Ms. Miller-Hurst's petition. I shudder to think what may be next...to out law home schooling???
Stephanie March 26, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Fear and politics rule this game. Who approved our tax dollar money to be used to fund these lawyers? A charter school which is also a public school shines light on the flaws of our current public school system. Public schools are in denial and cannot handle another system that has proven to better educate our children. I was afraid to use the word "competition" here but understand our children will benefit from this. For example, you're allowing the parents to chose the better school. If school C is producing poorer test results and ill prepared students, parents can choose to go to school A. Why not give them their choice? Current public schools are in fear that another system will ruin their cemented union. This mentality goes against nature. When society ignores the errors in their ways and fail to make changes our children suffer. I admire the teachers who made a sacrifice out of principal to leave their position in support of what is right.


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