Rally Protests School Budget Cuts

Teachers and parents gathered at the Duck Pond to protest plans to cut millions from Temecula education budget.


Teachers, parents and students gathered at the Duck Pond today to protest budget cuts to Temecula schools.

The "Rally for Education" started at 5:30 p.m. and was sponsored by the Temecula Valley Educators Association and the Temecula Valley Council PTA.

Some attendees said a speech by Superintendent Tim Ritter was the highlight of the event.

"Teachers really feel he supports us," said Kelly Maxey, a mother of three and a fifth grade teacher at .

Dozens of people held signs with messages denouncing education funding cuts as children chased each other around with balloons in hand.

Many parents attended to show support for the teachers who were given pink slips earlier this year.

"We're here to support our school, , and because one of our teachers, Mrs. Grover, was pink slipped. We're here to fight for her," said Carly Green, a mother of three.

Nine-year-old Auseyana Green stood nearby with a sign hung around her neck that read "I am a priority."

"She makes learning fun, and she's really nice," the third-grade Rancho Elementary student said about her teacher.

Another parent, Norma Rubio, came out to support Grover, who is her daughter's teacher. Her child said she was worried about Grover as they made their sign earlier today.

"When she was making our sign, she said, 'What's going to happen to Mrs. Grover?'" Rubio said.

Mike April 25, 2012 at 03:47 PM
What about Tower 2? Without firefighters our way of life would be much less safe. As for teachers... I have watched as teachers have become public enemy number 1 over the past few years. Do I think that teachers should be safe behind tenure. Not at all. However I do feel that teachers are constantly given a bad rap for a job that demands a seven day a week commitment. Most people I know leave their job every Friday and don't tend to give it a thought until late Sunday night when they are getting ready for the new week. Teachers on the other hand spend a lot of their free time grading papers, planning new lessons, working on projects, talking to parents, and trying to make sure that tomorrows generation is ready for the world.
Troy April 25, 2012 at 04:26 PM
I do know how big a scam the firefighter job is. To make what they make, doing what they do is ridiculous. They're earning six figures for what? More than 80% of their calls are for EMS type things. Those are the same things that paramedics can do but for cheaper. So if my family is involved in an accident, a paramedic can come do it just the same. Firefighters only show up to justify their existence. We only need them for fires! How often are their fires in this area? Firefighters are not putting their lives on the line every single day. Some days they do, but not most. The days when they're just sitting around at the firestation collecting double overtime to gain more days off is not detrimental to their health. Dont twist my words. I never once said we dont need them. I'm suggesting that they're overpaid and underworked. I understand much better than you may think about what these people do and dont do for the public. The firefighters that ran into tower 1 were doing their jobs. That's great. Those guys are brave and their actions are highly commendable. However, the actions of some firefighters on the east coast does not justify overpaid and underworked firefighters here. We pay these people to sit around all day and wait for something to happen. Should be minimum wage without retirement while in the station. When you get called, then you're on the clock. And your comments about teachers... Does that justify a $1.5 mil retirement, with full benefits?
Mike April 25, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Yes I do believe it justifies it. By the way what is it that you do???
Mike April 25, 2012 at 07:47 PM
What full benefits??? You have no Idea what your talking about. If you don't understand how something is being done you may want to get a good education... Oh wait, you don't feel teachers are valued... I guess you'll have to stay ignorant.
Kevin Clark May 05, 2012 at 12:46 AM
I can see you don't know or don't care who is paying for all of it. The tax payers are!!!. Why is questioning the appropriateness of lifetime health and life retirement paid with my tax dollars is out of line? How rediculous, I must admit I haven't looked to find the published salaries for teachers as of yet. Does anyone have a web site? Maybe thier communist driven corrupt union prevented thier release. I urge everyone to look at the facts at the State of California web site that lists the actual monies Murrieta Fire Dept emploees took home in 2010. 30 fire personell took home over $120,000.00 that year. Do they pay into SSI?No! Do they pay for thier health beneifts? No! Do they pay for thier life time retirerment? No! do they pay for anything? No !The state web sites include a multiplyer ( what nice benign way to fool people) this is the real amout of money taken out of the budget they just don't add it up for you. x 3, yes! times three, so instead of deducting anything ,they keep it all and we the tax payer put in the rest what a great system!. So,to keep, let say the 7th fire employee on the list employed, first we paid him $155,000.00 for the year which included "OT". Plus 3 times his salary of 72,446.00 which equals $217,338.00 add them together for a grand total of $372,338 had to be taken out of the budget to fund one guy. Just one guy. Which is about $31,028.00 a month about 180.00 an hour, not bad for a vehicle accident response team.


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