Did Your LCHS Track and Field Athlete Qualify?

Area schools participated this week in the Rio Hondo League Track and Field Preliminary meets at South Pasadena High School. The finals are Friday.

Wonder how well your La Cañada athlete performed at Tuesday's preliminary Rio Hondo League Track and Field preliminary meets?

This ESPN.com website lists the area athletes who participated, their times, and whether they qualify for Friday's finals. Look for a "q'' next to the runner's time on the website. 

The La Cañada High School athletes who qualified and their categories are:

Girls 1600 Meter Run Frosh/Soph

• Frederich, Anna

Boys 1600 Meter Run Frosh/Soph

Cabello, Joshua

Schwartz, Matthew

Heileson, Michael

Girls 1600 Meter Run Varsity

Cwik, Sonja

Fuelling, Meghan

Yoho, Hannah

Boys 1600 Meter Run Varsity

• Newquist, Brandon

• Greene, Brendan

• Bromely, Dillon

• Landeros, Anthony

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Frosh/Soph

• Eskue, Victoria

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles Frosh/Soph

• Miketta, Graham

• Gill, Jake

• Williams, Maxwell

Girls 400 Meter Dash Frosh/Soph

• Lamb, Sophia

• Wagner, Katie

• Dimase-Nordling, Miranda

• Keymeulen, Sawa

Boys 400 Meter Dash Frosh/Soph

• Scott, Blake

• Meeker, Andrew

Girls 100 Meter Dash Frosh/Soph

• Schulz, Natalie

Boys 800 Meter Run Frosh/Soph

• Newquist, Ryan

• Schwartz, Matthew

Girls 800 Meter Run Varsity

• Yoho, Hannah

• Fontes, Caroline

Boys 800 Meter Run Varsity

• Newquist, Brandon

• Landeros, Anthony

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles Frosh/Soph

• Dimase-Nordling, Eloise

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles Frosh/Soph

• Gill, Jake

• Miketta, Graham

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity

• Gilmour, Christian

Girls 200 Meter Dash Frosh/Soph

• Lamb, Sophia

• Wagner, Katie

Boys 200 Meter Dash Frosh/Soph

• Scott, Blake

• Meeker, Andrew

Boys Pole Vault Varsity

• Frederich, Samuel

Boys Shot Put Varsity

• Daly, Brandon









B May 04, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Good luck to everyone!! You are awesome :)
J McNally May 04, 2012 at 07:58 AM
Pretty impressive times, guys (and girls). Kick butt Friday! Go Spartans!!


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