South Pas High School Vandalized With Racial Slur

The graffiti included an expletive and was directed towards Assistant Principal Terrance Dunn.

An exterior wall above the main office of  was vandalized sometime over the weekend, police told Patch Tuesday. 

The graffiti included an expletive and racial slur directed towards Assistant Principal Terrance Dunn, police said. 

Since Dunn is the head disciplinary at the high school, SPPD Sgt. Robert Bartl said several students could be considered suspects. There is no one in custody at this time.  

This is the second South Pas school to be vandalized in the past week. Two students were charged on suspicion of felony vandalism at the Friday, said Bartl. 

"Multiple walls and lockers were vandalized with spray paint and markers," he told Patch. "It appeared there was graffiti located all throughout the school."

The students charged were also allegedly connected with other vandalism cases on Thursday to a vehicle, an apartment complex, city property at Garfield Park and a storage shed on Stratford Ave, according to Pasadena Star-News. 

"[Graffiti] is common through schools everywhere, but we don't have it frequently occur in our City. ... It happens, but not very often," continued Bartl. 


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