This Kid is Scared of South Pas Middle School

A new seventh grader is looking for answers. Can you help?

One local seventh grader is apparently looking for advice before he starts class at . 

He/she writes on Yahoo Answers: 

I'll be going into seventh grade at the Middle school as a new student D: I'm so scared! I've seen the campus and its so big, I got lost when I walked around it and I'm worried that I'll do the same on the first day of school, August 23. I'm so scared! I went to a South Pasadena school for fourth and fifth grade but for sixth I went somewhere else and kind of lost contact with my old friends. The ones that I did keep in touch with have changed SO much and I don't know if we would be friends anymore. But are the kids friendly? What about the staff? Anything special I should know about, like events or clubs or something? Oh and what's the policy on cell phones? 

Please answer! I don't want to go into this having no clue what's happening! 

To read what one local answered, click HERE.


Patch Asks: Have you or your kids been to South Pasadena Middle School? How'd it go? Any advice for this nervous student? 

Erin Still August 14, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Here's some advice for the nervous student: Practice TALKING to REAL PEOPLE when you have a question. Really, kiddo, you expect to get quality advice from random strangers at Yahoo Answers? You were really, really lucky that the random stranger who answered your question appears to have the best intentions and actual experience with SPMS. Now that you're in middle school, you and many of your teenaged peers need to get comfortable speaking, face to face, with actual humans. So TALK to the kids you know who go to SPMS, the older neighbor kids who've been there, the adult neighbors whose kids have been there. Talk to your parents about how nervous you are. Heck, walk on in to the school office and ask if you can speak to your counselor about your schedule, and while you're in there, talk to the counselor about your concerns. They don't bite. They actually like kids and would love it if more kids showed initiative and actually asked them questions.
Jeremy Sharp August 15, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Everything is different and change is in the air, but don't worry. Making friends is easy at middle school because you have like 6 different periods and everybody is different. I advise working at the library during brunch and lunch because a lot of nice kids do that and the librarians Mrs. Kahn and Ms. Flowers are awesome! I am going into 7th grade too. (I am using my parents account)
Jeremy Sharp August 15, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Hey dude, just try to find things in common with everybody. You'll be surprised to learn that everybody is into books. Commonly Rick Riordan and James Patterson.
sjmuzquiz@gmail.com August 15, 2012 at 10:51 PM
I was also scared but it's totally fine. There are staff members and older kids in ASB and WEB who will be on campus on the first few days to help you out. The teachers don't care if you are late to class during the first week or so because they know you are still getting used to it. Most of my friends changed throughout middle school but that didn't make them bad and the teachers are pretty nice. I think the nicest 7th grade teachers were probably Mrs. Schindler and Mrs. Kludt. It's a little scary at first, but soon it becomes an easy routine. You will make friends, I promise because the diversity of interests is extreme. Good luck!


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