Will Your Kids Be At SPEF Summer School? (Discussion)

Were you an early bird this morning? What classes are your kids hoping to take?

Monday marks the second day of where parents line up at 6 a.m.—or earlier—to ensure their kids get the best classes. 

Parents will then return in the afternoon (at their designated time) to actually sign up. 

Some parents arrive at early at 3 a.m. But not all kids will get into the classes they want.

Parent Denise Durrett, who arrived at 4:18 a.m., : "It's important for [my daughter] to learn about disappointment."

"And really, I would have preferred having her stay home and play outside all summer, but most kids are so overbooked that there's no one around to play with—so off to summer school she goes."


More than 100 classes are offered that range from Karate to Robotics to Computers.  

SPEF became an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization in 1980 thanks to a small group of concerned parents and residents. Since then, it has raised more than $6 million to support and restore district programs. 

Full course catalogs and applications can be downloaded HERE.

Patch Asks: Were you an early bird this morning? What classes are your kids hoping to take? And if they won't be taking part in SPEF's summer school program, how will they be spending the summer?


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