Shelly Sterling Will Maintain a Role with L.A. Clippers After Sale

The titles "owner emeritus" and "co-executive director" will be created for her.

The $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers includes clauses to maintain a novel arrangement for Shelly Sterling to maintain a role with the franchise, and a major charity donation, it was reported Sunday.

Citing sources close to the deal, the Los Angeles Times reported that Shelly Sterling will become "owner emeritus" of the team and give her control of some seats and coveted parking passes at Staples Center. She is also expected to become "co-executive director" of the team, The Times reported.

Microsoft billionaire Steve Ballmer referred to her as "owner emeritus" last week when his bid to buy the Clippers was announced.

The newspaper also reported today that several bidders were interviewed "speed-dating" style by Shelly Sterling, before the express deal was finalized. Ballmer, with about $20 billion in his name, paid cash for the team and has promised to keep it in L.A.

Donald Sterling was reportedly ruled by doctors to be mentally unable to manage the Sterling Family Trust, which owns the team, and his wife of 58 years took control of his half of the trust.

He has reportedly not signed off on the deal with Ballmer and the NBA, and has asked that a $2.5 million fine and lifetime ban from the NBA be lifted as a precondition.

The new foundation will be managed by the Clippers organization, and will thus apparently be separate from the Donald Sterling Foundation. That trust had run newspaper advertisements for years touting its charitable work, but many of the agencies mentioned later said they got very little.

—City News Service

Brian June 10, 2014 at 11:48 PM
Owner Sterling should fight this matter all the way to the Supreme Court if possible!!! Public OPINION doesn't trump the rule of law although State-media in this country has apparently already ruled on the matter. But the Rule of Law states that ILLEGALLY recorded private conversations between two people ARE PRIVATE and not admissible in court unless murder or some other capital crime are involved. The way I see it the NBA can only make recommendations since these private opinions and jealous feelings by Sterling were recorded illegally, taken out of context by an overzealous biased media and an NBA organization hell-bent on a 'racist' witch-hunt and a sale of Sterling's team to prop up the NBA's reputation. Beyond that, America STILL HAS 1st Amendment protections that have not yet been completely dismantled by this Marxist regime in D.C. The 1st Amendment, if we will recall, provides FREEDOM OF SPEECH which means people may strongly disagree with each other's comments, philosophy, on a variety of subjects etc.. This is still America and we still have a Bill of Rights and Constitution which means DUE PROCESS in a courtroom is IN ORDER for Sterling. Further, a $2 billion asset cannot be taken away like candy from a disobedient child because some people with different color skin have their feelings hurt by some insensitive comments.


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