South Pasadena - The Next Six Days

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

Mark Twain didn’t say that, by the way; his good friend and neighbor, writer Charles Dudley Warner, did. 

The big story in South Pasadena (so far, of course), is the weather. The exceptionally wonderful un-August-like August weather. 

We're looking at temps in the 80's this week. Possible drizzle, mid-week. Drizzle beats dry.

There's not much officially scheduled for So Pas this week. But anything you choose to do around town will be most pleasant, given that  the weather about which we are talking, we will do nothing about.

1. Check weather here

2. Traffic

3. Library calendar

4. Farmers' Market Thursday

5. Candidates who intend to run for South Pasadena City Council, School Board, City Treasurer, or City Clerk in the 11/5/13 election, must file by August 9th. 


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